Orange Burst Shift Dress
Orange Burst Shift Dress
Orange Burst Shift Dress
Orange Burst Shift Dress
Orange Burst Shift Dress
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Orange Burst Shift Dress

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Orange Burst Shift Dress

Are you looking for a floral print dress that will not stick to your body when it gets warmer? The Orange Burst Shift Floral dress does not stick your body and it has pockets so that you can carry your small wallet with you if you are going to grocery store. 

Wow- our customers love this Orange Burst Shift Floral dress and we can definitely see why. The Orange Burst Shift Floral dress has pockets and a detachable woven belt.

Styling a Floral Print Dress

We asked where you could wear this dress to and one of the ladies wearing the dress responded:

'You could wear this piece to anywhere. You could wear it to school with a jean jacket. You could wear it to a barbecue. You could wear it to a dinner. It's just so versatile and you could wear it anywhere.'

Everyone keeps falling in love with the Orange Burst Shift Floral dress and now you know why this is the most perfect vacation dress.

Styling your tropical floral print shift dress

This dress is very versatile and you can style it with a pair of sneakers and cross over bag. Or wear it to the beach and dip your feet in the water as you stroll along the shore line in the evening. Also, perfect for a date night with the hand made woven rope  when styled with a pair of heels.

And when you are on vacation, it would be so easy to throw this on for dinner or over your bikini while you head to the beach.

While you are working at home, you can wear this dress to lounge ta home because it instantly uplifts your mood so that your productivity will increase instead of wearing your PJs.

Choosing the right Size of Dress

We have our Size chart over here. If you are in between sizes, we recommend sizing up.


We recommend that you hand wash with cold water. Do not bleach your dress because it has colors in it. Press with a cool iron on the wrong side. Hang dry. Wear often for maximum happiness.

Want to know more about the fit:

  • Elastic at the end of the sleeve for comfort
  • Hidden zip at the back to help when wearing the dress
  • Woven belt to create the gathered skirt effect
  • Can be worn without the belt as a shift dress
  • 100% African wax cotton

Our customers said the fit was perfect