Awuwuan means 'Woman' in Ibibio.

Awuwuan means 'woman' in Ibibio. Ibibio is one of the languages spoken in the South of Nigeria. 
Awuwuan empowers women to feel joyful and confident with their wardrobe without changing their personal style.

Women in african print wax material. Indoor african print photoshoot

2021: 'We are only creating fashion pieces that will make you feel joy when you wear them!' - Uty

I spent a lot of months researching the perfect fabric and print that will create joy in your life. If you'd like to learn more about this process, subscribe to our mailing list.

The primary focus of my designs is to create versatile pieces that can be worn in so many ways that are unique, fun and bold.

Each collection is created for the woman who is not afraid to express her joy through bold colors, neutral prints or wild patterns.

Manufacturing:  I choose to work with manufacturers in different countries in Africa because I want to  help create better job opportunities for people back home. Whenever you buy a piece from the store, you are supporting this vision of helping people make a living through ART in Ghana, Nigeria.

Earrings: I'll share what our customers have shared with us.

' I love them.'

'I received so many compliments form Zoom'

'I wear them with my mask and they are amazing'

'I'm gifting these and they are gorgeous'

What's new? : A lot more research has been done on the durability of the clay that is used to make the earrings super light and stop them from turning green.

We are now using a type of clay that increases the durability because it can bend.

The story behind your earrings:  Each collection has a unique voice and story behind it. Awuwuan strives to enhance the voice of minorities and those who are not seen in our world. In 2021, I hope to create something for women to feel celebrated and  Black women to feel seen everyday.