Are you afraid of having to style your natural hair?

Are you afraid of having to style your natural hair?

Headwraps for Zoom call meetings

Are you afraid of having to style your natural hair and curls every Monday morning before your too early 9am Zoom call?

I know you feel completely zoomed out. It’s been over a year of working from home. And it feels like every day is another all day Zoom meeting day.

It was completely different when you had to wear your wig every morning and catch the public transport to get to work. But, now, you are completely used to rolling out of bed right before your 10th snooze on your alarm and making it to your workstation to turn on your laptop.

Ankara blue, green, yellow headwrap

You also wish you could turn on your camera and not have to come up with some extremely irrelevant excuse about why you don't have it turned on. The real reason why you don’t want to turn on your camera is because your hair is not ready for the day. You forgot to do your protective style last night. I think we’ve all been there at some point!

Black woman working from home wearing a black headwrap

black and yellow, green headwraps
And one look at the mirror while you're brushing your teeth  and you know there is no way, absolutely zero chances, of you being ready on time if you try to style your hair.
What if you could do a protective hairstyle with a headwrap and turn on your camera? 
Black headwrap for Zoom calls
Turning on your camera can actually help you feel more productive even though you are working from home. It also helps your team members feel more confident about the work that you have been assigned. And we all know that we could use that next promotion and the salary bump that comes with it.


If you want to start feeling more confident about turning on your camera while on Zoom meetings, you have to have a plan for Monday mornings.

Ps: Here are a few headwraps that you can add to your Monday morning routine today! Have fun!

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