5 Simple Ways to care for your Polymer Clay Jewelry

red and black diamond shaped marble earring with gold colored hypoallergenic brass circular loopLong Face Abstract Art Dangle Earring in gold and translucent white

Are you looking for 5 simple ways to care for your polymer clay jewelry?

If you have ever seen one of those videos of how polymer clay earrings are made, you know polymer clay jewelry is a work of art. And Art has to be taken care of because there is a lot of value and time taken to create it.

If you want to know some of the best ways to take good care of your polymer clay jewelry so that they last longer, keep reading until the end.

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Black and white polymer clay arch earring with gold ball point stud

1. You can wipe oil stains or grease from the polymer clay earrings using baby wipes. Please do not scratch your earrings because that could damage them. Be careful with the texture of the fabric you are using to wipe the stains. Be kind to your piece of art. I recently wiped off make up satins form this arch earring and it worked. It looks good as new

Taking off earrings with careNeutral color rainbow earrings

2. When you take your earrings off after they have brought you lots of compliments during the day, put the backings/nuts on the earring immediately so you don’t lose them.

3. Always store your earring in a cool dry place that you can remember haha. I’m one of those people who keeps things in ‘safe’ places but has no idea what the ‘safe’ place was when I need to wear my earrings. If possible, get a cute earring jewelry holder for your vanity and display your art.

Blue and orange flower hooparch polymer clay earring with fower on one eye

4. If you are travelling with your earrings, I highly recommend wrapping them in a piece of towel so that they do not bend while your luggage is being handled. Btw, it does not have to be a towel. You can wrap the earring in some tissue then wrap it in a soft fabric. If you are going somewhere that is sunny and bringing a hat with you, you can also try putting the earring in the hat in the box after wrapping it.

Monstera leaf an face shaped earring

5.I know you already know this but please do not bend your earrings. These earrings are durable because they are made with clay that can bend. However, if you want to have these earrings for a long time, you do not need to test the flexibility. 

Ps: Don’t forget to make memories with your polymer clay earrings because if you do not, those around you will! 

Btw, here is a list of unique polymer clay earrings for you to browse! Have fun!